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Thank you for visiting during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

we greatly appreciate your visit!


Shocks of pure, vibrant color springing from verdant green beneath the dark, smoldering, cloud-draped Cascades:  this is a stunning, simple image which barely showcases one of the most exciting times of the year for our small agrarian community. Here, where the Skagit Valley Tulip season sprinkles its color palette across a wide swath of our Valley, the beauty of the season has attracted visitors for generations - and we are confident once you have witnessed it, you will already be planning your next visit.

As with years passed, we are expecting many, many visitors and we hope to make each individual's time here as incredible as possible. To that end, with your indulgence, there are a few things we would like to offer which will encourage a more rewarding time with us:

Skagit Valley is a network of small communities connected by a multitude of small, country roads. These roads are likely to be driven by large tractors sporting a sharp plow as they are a sporty sedan. Given this, traffic can often move slowly and we recommend that you allow yourself plenty of travel time, and also that you peruse a map for a variety of route selections rather than that first one presented by your smartphone app.

Restaurants are thrilled to welcome the visitors from everywhere, eager to highlight local dishes to curious diners. However, you are likely to find many restaurants filled. We suggest that, whenever possible, and that for whichever restaurant you ultimately choose, you take an extra moment to make a reservation. Here at Nell Thorn, we have a beautiful waterfront dining room primed for reservations. Our bar, bistro and seasonal, outdoor waterfront patio are always available for walk-ins. If seating is not immediately available, we maintain a waitlist and offer both inside and outside waiting areas.

We do want to let you know that the area you will be visiting - to see the full splendor of tulips in bloom - is centered within an entirely agricultural area that offers few options with regard to grocery and convenience stores. Bringing with you a good supply of snacks and especially water (always hydrate!), can really smooth out some of those pauses that come with waiting for traffic or even a table.

A memorable lunch or dinner , prepared with love by wonderful people, can certainly add a highlight to your visit, and we look forward to the possibility of seeing you here at Nell Thorn. But, importantly, we hope that your entire visit is a special for you as it can be. Here are some helpful links:

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Includes information of location and bloom status of each field.


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