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Brian Carter Cellars Wine Collection

Brian Carter is one of the legends of Washington State wine and has been a leader in our states development as a premier source for premium wines.

Our states wine culture is still so young. It seems with each vintage we learn more about our terroir, what varietals will offer their clearest expressions and how to take care of them in the winery. Brian's adventurous use of varietals and the results of his time blending them is a tasty example of our states possibilities. There are times when it seems that we can perhaps grow whatever wines we want! Lets take a look at the wines we will be enjoying and the foods we will offer with them.

Oriana 2012

Dungeness Crab Gougeres, Lemon Beurre Blanc Roasted Pear & Bleu des Causses Crostini Oriana is Viognier based blend. With Roussanne being the other star of the show this wine looks to the southern Rhone of France for a starting point. Full of floral and stone fruit notes this is a rich white. I would offer this for a Chardonnay lover that is looking for something different. Viognier & Roseanne offer the weight that our west coast Chardonnays often have but with a totally different flavor profile. For our Crab Gougeres we are very lucky to have crab from Blackrock Seafoods. All locally caught these dedicated folks hand shuck everything for us. It's just wonderful! Stuffed into the addictive crispy succulent cheese puff known as a Gougere a little creamy lemon butter pulls it together. We couldn't let this wine go without a bit of cheese! Bleu des Causes is a wonderfully tangy rich raw milk cows cheese from the Languedoc region of southern France (also home to one of our favorite chefs Michelle Bras). The cheese is offered just warm with a slice of succulent roast pear. Corrida 2010 Prosciutto di Parma, Persimmon & Fussied-Up Herbaceous Salad Corrode is based on one of the noble grapes of Spain, Tempranillo. At times aged for many years and times offered young and simple Tempranillo is a versatile grape that is really just starting to find its place in Washington. The Corrode is full of dry earth, mineral, leather & cherry. It is like riding a horse through a parched landscape while eating chocolate covered cherries. This wine also struts a captivating deep purple color that is as enjoyable to the eye as is the flavor to the pallet.   A bit of ham seems the natural choice with this wine and why not one of the best, Prosciutto di Parma! Thin slices of this noble pork are wrapped around Persimmon in a play on the classic Prosciutto and melon. Baby greens and mixed fresh herbs help bring up the nuance of the ham and the wine. Tuttorosso 2009 Taleggio Ravioli, Parmesan Broth, Early Winter Greens Tuttorosso is inspired by the young innovators of 1970's Tuscany who stepped away from the classics and began making wines with non traditional varietals. Chiefly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, usually blending these with the traditional stallion of the region, Sangiovese. Like all of Brian's wines the Tuttorosso displays a strong sense of terroir. Rich ripe Blackberries hang from an earthen skeleton. The flavors and tannins coat your mouth and stay leaving you thinking of plump olives and voluptuous sun. One of the great cheeses of Italy, Taleggio is soft like a brie and makes a wonderfully indulgent ravioli. We hand sheet and hand form our ravioli from Organic Flours and Eggs. A nap of rich Parmesan Broth and simmered winter greens rounds things out. Byzance 2010 Organic Chicken & Winter Roots The southern Rhône is a beguiling region of many varietals blended in many ways in a diverse and complex terroir, in other words right up Brian's ally! As a master blender this is a perfect style to compliment Brian's talents and this wine really shows it. Complex and plush it is wine you need to settle into before its mysteries are to be understood. For this, Chicken seems a natural as it is so classically French and because we need to save the red meat for the next course! Starting with whole Organic local chickens we bone, skin and braise the thighs in wine and herbs. The breast is basted in butter and garlic. The thigh skin is fried crispy. To serve the tender braised meat is served with a Mélange of roasted winter root vegetable, a slice of breast meat, crispy skin to garnish. Le Courier Dry Aged New York Strip Steak, Leek, Chanterelle & Blue Cheese Compote, Bordelaise The classic Bordeaux Blend of Merlot, Cabernet and a few complimentary players that I'll let Brian talk about. Full rich dark fruits of Cherry and dark berries, Cedar, spice and leather. This is a plush wine of silky tannin and food friendly gentle acid. We simple had to offer this wine with roasted beef! What else could we do? We dry age strip loin for added flavor and complexity. A gentle little Ragu of Leek and Chanterelle adds richness and compliments without upstaging. There could be no other sauce than Bordelaise. Opulento Chocolate Satsuma Cake, Caramel & Chantilly Cream Based on the great Vintage Ports I think the name of this wine says it all! Finnish with some Chocolate and I think we can all go home happy!

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