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Cafe Interior

Our COVID Dining Plan...

...for our team

The safety of our team and their ability to do their jobs safely and easily is second to none for us. We have introduced many safety precautions. 

  1. All staff are screened on entry to the restaurant, including temperature and symptom evaluation. A daily log is kept of all results. Employees will be sent home if any symptoms are exhibited.

  2. Staff are to stay home if at all unwell.

  3. Hand washing procedures are reiterated and enforced.

  4. Staff are educated about Covid-19. How it is spread, recognizing symptoms and best practices for avoiding spreading it.

  5. Physical distance is observed as much as possible at all times. 

  6. Everyone in the workplace works together to be sure that frequently touched objects and surfaces are routinely cleaned and disinfected

  7. ​All staff will continue to prepare and handle food according to Skagit County Public Health laws.

  8. As much as is possible, staff will be divided into teams to limit cross-contact between team members.

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