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Cafe Interior

Our COVID Dining Plan...

...for our guests

Things will look a bit different, to begin with. Our aim is to outperform on all health and safety precautions, whilst still providing an exceptionally enjoyable and relaxing experience. All of our policies are written with consideration of the Washington and Skagit County Opening Guidelines, and of industry best practices.

  1. Reservations are strongly recommended. With our capacity decreased, it will be difficult at times to seat everybody in a timely manner. To avoid long waiting times and crowding, we ask that reservations are made. Please note that, as always, window tables, booths, and patio seating are not guaranteed, but we will do our absolute best to fulfill your requests.  

  2. Guests are asked to stay home if they are feeling unwell, if a member of their household is unwell if they have knowingly been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19, or have tested positive for Covid-19 themselves within the last 21 days.

  3. There will be increased signage. To communicate our new way of doing things we will post extra signage around the restaurant. Please do your best to follow these guidelines.

These policies are in place for the health and safety of everyone at Nell Thorn and, while we wish to be as hospitable as possible to all, anyone not willing to abide by them will be politely asked to leave the restaurant.

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